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Follow your senses

Just let yourself be guided by sensations and follow your senses to discover the itineraries inspired to sight, touch, hearing or taste and smell. These are the proposals with which the centre of Civitavecchia close to the Port area welcomes you, together with the initiatives carried out by the Shopping is an Art. Get Inspired! project. Begin with the most inspiring. You won’t regret.

Sight, Touch, Hearing

Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste and Smell. Senses become a source of inspiration for an unforgettable journey in the heart of Civitavecchia. Sight is the chance for a wonderful trip following the works of local artists displayed inside the shops and along the city roads, in a kind of step by step art gallery. Through Touch you can get “in touch” with traditions and features of Civitavecchia, thoroughly hiding many treasures that now need to be revealed. By means of Hearing you will experiment sounds and melodies with a deep involvement in the history of a city that very often is known only for its outward appearance.

Taste, Smell

Taste and smell are interdependent senses, when one fails the other takes over. Paths weave together in a route that satisfies both senses. Along the chosen way you’ll find many opportunities to tickle your palate and breathe unremembered scents that are only waiting to be recalled. Be inspired by flavours and fragrances of a tradition that it’s surely time to rediscover.